NBA Lamar Odom in Recovery, May Need Kidney Transplant?!

Former NBA Star and Queens native Lamar Odom, 35, may need to have a kidney transplant due to his near death night out at the Love Ranch South cathouse in Las Vegas 10 days ago?! According to the escorts who reported the incident, Odom had taken 10 tabs of a sexual performance enhancement drug called “Reload” along with kokain. He was reportedly unconscious for a short period of time and taken to Sunrise Hospital in LV on Oct. 13. He was airlifted to Los Angeles’ Cedars Sinai Hospital on Oct. 19, and now is bedside with his estranged wife and semi-celebrity Khloe Kardashian.

“Dialysis helps when the accumulation of toxic waste and excess water is life threatening,” Dr. Victor Gura, Kidney Specialist and Attending Physician at Cedars Sinai, told ET on Tuesday. “If the kidneys are not excreting these substances because they were injured and not functioning, then they are not making urine to get rid of toxins, excess salt and water and these have to be removed using dialysis with an artificial kidney.”

“Kidney transplants work better than dialysis because patients live better and longer,” he explains. “If we determine that the kidneys will not recover, then a kidney transplant is a better alternative than long term dialysis for the patient.”

“Drug use would definitely compromise his chance of a successful kidney transplant” says Gura, pointing out that a patient’s chance of survival “depends on many other factors that may or may not be happening in his case such as hypertension, diabetes, drug use, genetics and others.” – ET

Even though everything is looking positive for Odom, he still remains on dialysis. If his kidneys do not recover from the damage from this incident, and repeated cocaine/crack use in recent years then he will have to remain on dialysis and/or get a kidney transplant. The kidney specialist at Cedars Sinai, Dr. Victor Gura, says that although kidney transplants prove to better a solution for a longer life Odom may be a risky recipient due to his repeated drug use.

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