Giants’ JPP In Dire Straits With Amputated Finger From Fireworks Mistake!

jason-pierre-paul fireworks pic

NFL NY Giants’ defensive end JPP (Jason Pierre-Paul) is in dire straits (with respect to a new contract and lifestyle in general) after getting an amputated right index finger from a fireworks mistake! As the story first broke (after July 4th) it seemed a insignificant incident, but after pictures were leaked, and the finger had to be amputated the situation was upgraded to serious! Pierre-Paul brought a whole U-Haul of fireworks for the July 4th celebration, and I guess he became too brave lighting them off in his hand. I feel bad for him not only in terms of football (he’ll still be able to play), but his lifestyle in general. After a deforming injury like this, you don’t want to even be seen in public; especially donning a unavoidable, senseless injury. My apologies for the joke pics above and below, but I could not resist.

jason pierre paul fireworks injury

jason-pierre-paul-happy-gilmore joke pic

Jason Pierre-Paul joke picture taken from comedy movie “Happy Gilmore.”

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