CaughtStealing: #ESPN forcing APPS onto PPL

Walt Disney (l.) would turn over in his grave if he knew people like that were misrepresenting his legacy. Rybakina (r.) match forced onto ESPN + application

#ESPN #AusOpen #AussieOpen #CaughtStealing …ESPN got caught stealing peoples choices (and their material), forcing APPS onto people or consumers! The match between…

ESPN swiftly changed the viewing time from 7pm EST Wednesday to 3:30am EST Thursday which forces viewers to watch the match on their application versus Live TV.

The Kazakhstan Elena Rybakina and Belarusian Victoria Azarenka match was swiftly and quickly moved from 7pm EST to until 330am EST the following morning. This may not seem like much, but what it really means is that ESPN is attempting to force you onto their application to watch the match… ESPN PLUS. I was wondering why when I looked a couple days ago on google app on my phone they had Thursday and Friday wide open??? I was like wth, this isn’t the Olympics (like a rest before the closing ceremonies), this is grand slam tennis! They were intending on switching more interesting matches onto (only) application viewing. They had originally scheduled the match for 7pm EST as the ticket shows above (l.), and decided that the interest with the names and notoriety was important to throw them “in the bin” or keep them a spot where they could easily move it to the next day and force you on the app(lication) instead of watching it on live TV. One of my friends had a small viewing party scheduled to watch it on live TV at 7PM EST on Wednesday, and had to cancel the party the hot dogs. It may not seem like a big deal, but it is because they (ESPN and AusOpen lol) are taking away your choices. TV viewing should definitely take precedence over application viewing. (It may look like they offered three matches on Wednesday on live broadcast TV, but the Azarenka match on bottom of the ticket was played early in the morning (330am EST Tuesday) ‘Forced on APP’ as well.)

Spectrum has ‘illegally’ teamed up with all the stations on a guarantee (from spectrum) to separate cable from app to ultimately get rid of cable, and charge everyone individually for each station they want. It will limit your choice of stations and variety. Its called #ForcedAPP or ‘Forced on APP’

DJ Enuff (l.) stole over 4000 blogs that I wrote for him on “Spectrum swallows seniors” cover photo

These channels are weirding out on a tread mark started by #spectrum, spectrum swallowing seniors, and plagiarizing peoples material at the same time. any good material that spectrum is offering like good titling and writing (isn’t even theirs) its stolen writing. It’s mostly my writing template. So not are they only forcing people with aggressive advertising, they confuse people’s perceptions with their aggressive default channel.

ESPN is soaked in #plagiarism as well, they are just smarter to make it harder to tell. And they have very “white” people repeatedly trying to spit Ebonics and desecrating Ebonics at the same time. Its disgusting. Back in 2020 #USOpen, ESPN teamed up with a couple weird Australian reporters and literally tried to force some ridiculous #RobotTennis idea where line judges would be computers instead of actual people. #ESPN owns the rights to three out of the four majors, only doesn’t have rights to French Open. When is enough enough?

And then to crush my heart a little more, #TheGuardian attempted to plagiarize a notion or an idea from a picture I posted on facebook almost a month ago (pic above). If people from companies or companies themselves are obviously stealing ideas from me people, they should be compensating me or GIVE ME A JOB! not some empty head weird-bot. How do you watch other people? It’s so weird!

Get your head out your bums and stand up straight. People need to stop driving around like “The Jetsons” #TheJetsons, or walking into each other and saying “sorry” afterwards. It’s nonsense. Let the future come to us, don’t force it upon the masses. It’s weirding out a lot of people, and not healthy for the older (older) people who have tough time with applications. Stop it!

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