Wimbledon returns weak repoir

The Wimbledon 2023 that concluded a week ago comprised weak broadcasting, terrible videography, and tailored out stories.

Djokovic got goated by a young goat and his master. Seriously the coach or his father idk should have just jumped on the court and played for him lol. The broadcasters were toasting and saying “change of guard blah blah blah” chatter. Waiting for the real champion to fall, even though he shows so much love to US and ESPN.

Bradley Gilbert attempting to rock a Toma Zrdavokovic suit mismatched like sea to orange, and John McEnroe looked like Pee Wee Herman in his 70’s. The videography was way overdone, and can easily see it is someone else’s vision they are trying to encapsulate. The broadcasting was terrible, although Chris McKendry was her usual greatness.

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