NBA Class: Descension from MJ to Trae!

The NBA has witnessed a descension of class in the NBA. We have descended from MJ #classic tongue out to “soft foul” Trae Young taunting the crowd with a weird stank face. He looked like he needed to take a crap.

This all went down as the NY Knicks lost to the Atlanta Hawks for game 1 of the 2021 #NBAPlayoffs on Sunday May, 23 2021. Lets recap how this all went down…

The Knicks went ahead 103-100 over the Hawks with just a minute to go. Bogdanovic hit a trey from the corner to tie it up at 103 apiece. Then Trae Young drove to the basket pushed off the defender to ‘miraculously’ draw a foul. (Trae trying to copy the likes of Jordan, but Jordan used to jump up into the defender if he was crowding his space when he was shooting). The refs looked it over and allowed him to two free throws (even though the defender didn’t even touch Trae). Somebody in Vegas won a lot of money on the game, that’s for sure. Trae then hit both free throws to go ahead 105-103.

The Knicks then tied the game at 105 apiece. Trae Young came down the court and did a nice little tear drop in the paint. He then looked to the crowd talking crap and weird stank face. Someone needs to tell him (he didn’t get the memo), but bro you drew a pussy foul in the paint the play before that. What is he half tiger, half rabbit? I don’t get it.

and #plagairistic #Fanduel and #DraftKings need to stay out of the competition. They are already causing interference in Tennis and Golf, where they are actually directly interfering with match play.

How did we go from the likes of MJ to Trae?

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