Yo: Drew Brees Is Not Racist!

With all this panic going on with the #coronavirus, a lot of people have displaced their aggression unto #BlackLivesMatter… This entire environment is negligent of the fact that he may want to been laid to rest!

Bree’s comments Sports Stars Rush Brees

A lot of people supporting the movement don’t even know whats it really about, and now everybody dialing in on Drew Brees, a prominent figure in the #NFL, for ultimately wanting to move the focus from fad to pride and honor. It’s not about racism, it’s about national pride.

Hell yeah George Floyd deserved better opportunity before he died, and at the behest of the police, but placing “racism” on Drew Brees on it is absolutely absurd. I think a majority of the news media outlets figures need to take a good look at themselves, and see how they lost themselves along the way. Maybe it was from concern over #Twitter number declines or not enough of rise in followers, but #BEYOURSELF and get your head out of your a %$ and go fight for senior lives!!! #seniorlivesmatter (goldenageseniors)

Everybody sits here and criticizes Drew Brees while people are holding hands picketing and rioting in the cities while the #coronavirus is still going on. Passing around senior killing disease while fighting for a cause? Where is the respect for senior lives? #seniorlivesmatter

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