Aussie Open: Nadal turns Hero in ‘Modern’ Tennis

“Ohhh-what-a-relief,” uttered the main commentator as Nadal appeared to be losing the match. The commentator and videographer(s) were pitching Medevedev the entire #AussieOpen #Final match, esp. in the first and second sets.

The Tennis Channel and #ESPN have embarked in heavy plagiarism and using some of my former co-workers to attempt to encapsulate abstractness in fast frame videography. It has to Francois, who is very racist, and sat on top of me my entire time at Hot 97. They are attempting to steal my vision through fast abstract videography frames. You can tell because the presentation is a little off, so you can clearly see it is not the videographer video programmers original idea. And oh my god cut it out with the instant replays; making these humans into robots doing instant replays after practically every play. The main commentator with his crappy Aussie accent kept hedging Medvedev, particularly in the first and second sets as Medvedev was “seemingly” dominating at that point. Both of these channels (more noticeably Tennis channel) keep hedging online gambling and #draftkings LOL by indirectly endorsing a favorite DURING the MATCH of play. Also, I caught draft kings in a clear plagiarism a year ago. Draft Kings and whatever that other one is are clear plagiarist and small profits for workers.

I knew from the early on set that either Tsitsipas or Nadal were going to the win the Australian Open 2022. Tsitsipas has been secretly working on raising the speed on his first serve to 135 mph (approx. 220kph), and trying to get rid of his awful court etiquette. Tsi is one that actually tried to heed my advice, and change his way. Djokovic kind of got railroaded with the whole vaccine thing; the truth is the crappy tennis political influentials don’t like him because of his country and on-court tirades don’t help his stance either. In the past couple years, particularly Bradley Gilbert, were constantly picking at him to lose matches in crappy subjective commentary.

Tsitsipas new way wasn’t enough for Medvedev who has relentlessly been working on his condition and stamina, but Nadal brought the heat to him and put out the fire. The fire in the misguided media (espn, tennischannel, draftkings), and purely the way it’s being mispresented… in “modern” tennis

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