Google Gets ‘Weird’ with Indexing (Sports)

The highly renowned and invincible Google app(lication) has been changing over the past six months and getting ‘weird’ particularly with sports indexing… (with respects to the highly touted #mobile applications)

Its time for takeoff and launch and surprisingly the most integral application has been selling us out to sports betting sites and more including the tennis channel and espn.

When you look up “mlb schedule” in the search que field it will show you today and yesterdays matchups, but you cannot look beyond that. This is because they are trying to force you to specifically lookup previous game results, so the cookies can see how you think (if you are a bettor). Or look at your specific match interests. They used to show you games that go back at least 10 to 20 days. With newer technology they should be able to fill the criteria even further back, not less (the opposite).

There was a tennis match a while back and it wouldn’t show the “live play” or “scorecard.” I believe it was a match in Romanija. They were trying to force people on the #TennisChannel and #ESPN application. We don’t need those applications.

And ESPN has been tampering with Google for a long time. If you ever try to look up college players statistics it will force you to go the ESPN application, which you have to pay for.

We can’t allow these “integral” applications to sell us out, and take options away from the consumer.

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