Maddow lost in Russia, Trump found in Ukraine?!

#MSNBC Rachel Maddow was lost (and kidnapped) in Russia in the last couple days en route to the #Olympics, while Donald Trump was found hiding in Ukraine after a bender in Russia?!

Rachel Maddow, the most prolific broadcaster for MSNBC, was moonlighting in St. Petersburg #Russia early this week on her way to the Olympics when she was kidnapped by mafia. She was walking around the streets of Russia and kept asking people (too many) questions about the living of Russians, when a Honda Sedan rolled up and took her.

Donald Trump was found hiding out in Ukraine after a one night bender. He was bent over the table puking, and repeatedly uttering, “I had nothing to do with Rachel Maddow disappearance.” He said Jay-Z, Oprah Winfrey, and Rachael Ray could bear witness to his alibi… that he was shooting dice with them all night.

*This is obviously a farce article. It is intended to mock the ridiculousness of how much it takes to interest normal people to read articles. We are not an evil society, so why make us one?*

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