Before The DeadLine: NBA Trades #Buzz

Jeff Green Grizzlies

Right before the deadline (Thursday), check the hottest and latest NBA Trades #Buzz! The market, the biggest #buzz trade had to be Jeff Green going to the Clippers (from the Grizzlies) in exchange for (the Knicks should ve got) Lance Stephenson and a 2019 first-round pick! The next hottest #buzz trade was #KansasStar young Markieff Morris going to (boost) the Washington Wizards from the Phoenix Suns in exchange for badass Kris Humphries, DeJuan Blair, and a first-round pick in this year’s draft! Green will stand out and upgrade the fourth place Clippers, and the Wizards are at the cusp of something, so Morris should be just the right fit! The rest of the trades were fleeting, but yawning. The next BIG THING will be the NBA Draft Lottery 2016 that will take place on June 23, 2016. #KnicksTake after the jump…


Knicks wise #KnicksTake I hope the Knicks sign and bring up Jimmer Fredette ASAP, as he will make a mark on the team down the stretch especially tre ball! Knicks take Nets on Friday night, so stay tuned…

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