Need For Change: France Terrorist Attacks Could Lead To Another War?!


Don’t assume to the rich goes all the spoils. France has ghetto’s and hoods just like NY, LA, and all over North America… even Missouri. Most Americans live under the assumption that what your peers tell you is what it is. People commonly don’t research gossip instead take it for a penny. The good and honest people sacrifice their voice to save face (not facebook).

As France took suffered one of the worst disasters last Saturday, I was eating wings at a local restaurant. I had no idea that France was getting demolished.  In fact, I avoid the news because it is so opinionated and depressing. Over 140 dead and over 400 injured in a carefully articulated plot by ISIS, the terrorist group that feeds off the media.

A day later Facebook issued a free profile photo background with the French flag. Although it sounds like a great idea, it is really a just a fad. Most people that utilized the app feel for the French, but moreso in a selfish manner “Imagine if that happened to us?” or “Imagine if they attack us next.” I understand that we as Americans aren’t going to focus on the overseas when we have so many problems domestically, but don’t make a fad out of it. If you are going to put the French flag as your background on your Facebook photo, please at least keep it that way for at least a month or two. Show some respect and pride.

Also, I saw a news cast on Wednesday night where NY Senator Charles Schumer showed how NY is on high alert, and there was an indication of intelligence of an attack. Don’t blow smoke, and make something out of nothing. Everyone knows we are under high alert; you don’t have to make the enemies aware of it. The more you talk about and post it on media (news), the more you are giving ISIS airtime. This heartless organization seems to be infatuated with the news, and the media, so don’t make them into stars. There has to be some sort of regulation with the news, and privacy for our position. What terrorists can not see, they tend to fear more. We need to put “a wall” up in terms of the media, and quiet the storm. It is good to be protective and have high security, but we must keep it private from the media.

Why are we always at war? Soldiers overseas for over a decade. Why can’t we focus on the good things we have, and create more communities with positive positions? Think about it we watch the news, and over 90% of it is negative. I certainly don’t leave with a smile. What use to be the National Enquirer has in fact become the mainstream news. We need a major change in mentality, which our president Barack Obama has been trying to address for the last year.

As America, we are the predecessors of the world. Many other countries follow our lead. If our news is mostly negative, that trickles into other countries over time. If we change our position, then it will spread a positive mentality generation over all the nations. If we have to go to war, we will go to war. We are and always will be prepared for that “not afraid,” and all the nations of the world know that already. America is a great nation in that we help other countries with food and medical means after disasters. That is the look we much encourage over the world.



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