Chase Utley Suspended Two Games For Controversial Leg-Breaking ‘Tackle’ Slide! [Video]

chase utley slide tackles Ruben Tejada dodgers mets game 2 nlds 10 10 15

MLB badly messed up the call during gametime, but is attempting to make up for it after the fact! Tonight MLB suspended LA Dodgers’ Chase Utley two games for the controversial ‘tackle’ slide that broke NY Mets’ Rubén Tejada right leg (fibula) last night!

During the controversial play (in the top of the seventh inning), Utley sort of side-kicked (leg tackled) way out of the baseline at Mets’ second baseman Tejada legs to break up any chance at a double play. Utley slid very late, and directly at Tejada way out of the baseline, as Tejada was going way away from the bag to avoid contact. Tejada flipped in mid-air, ended up with a broken leg, and was immediately carted off the field (pic above).

chase utley scores after controversial slide game 2 NLDS Mets Dodgers 10 10 15

At the time Utley was called out as it appeared Tejada toe tapped the bag before being taken out with the ‘tackle’ slide, but the Dodgers challenged the out call and won?! It would have been the third out, but instead the Dodgers went on to score three runs in that inning, and went on to win game 2 of the NLDS (National League Division Series) 5-2. Check out the video directly below, and read more after the jump…

Utley should have immediately been called out for intentional player interference, as he went clearly out of the base path with his late ‘tackle’ slide and not towards second base. It would have been different if Utley started his slide earlier and went towards second base; he probably would have hit Tejada’s leg with his arm instead of full force with his body. Utley did send an apology (read below) through the vine, but obviously at this point he cannot unbreak his leg.

“In no way shape or form was I trying to hurt Ruben…  I slid in hard like I have for 12 years. I feel terrible about the outcome. I’ve reached out to Ruben via David Wright.” – Chase Utley’s text to NY Mets captain David Wright

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