Chris Young Breaks Open For The Yankees! [Video]

Chris Young NY Yankees

The boy switching from Flushing Queens (with the NY Mets) to the NY Yankees (just recently) dialed up a bang three run-shot in the Bronx tonight! Right as the Yankees were in peril, down 4-2 in the bottom of the ninth inning, Chris Young came to the plate and got on a perfect pitch! Out of the park!

The (bottom of the ninth) inning started with a scare, as Chase Headley took a fast ball to the face right on the chin! They took a minute to pick him up, and appears to be ok. Austin Romine pinch ran for Headley. After Zelous Wheeler struck out, Ichiro Suzuki stepped up and delivered a double. Now suddenly, there was a man on second and third with one out! Up comes to the plate, Chris Young, who whacks the second pitch out of the park to give the Yankees a 5-4 shocker win! Yankee Stadium AKA Monument Park lit up in elation, as Young hit the ball out-of-the-park!

*The most peculiar aspect of this game is the fact that the Tampa Bay Rays’ pitcher Alex Cobb held the Yankees to a no-hitter (plus a 4-0 lead) going into the eighth inning.*

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