Patriots Startle Seahawks In Super Bowl Finale!

tom brady super bowl 2015 sweats sideline

This year’s Super Bowl XLIX was a tale of glory for Patriot fans, and a straight up heart-breaker for Seahawk fans! The game came down to the last play with the Seahawks (down 28-24) on the 1/2 yard line about to score… when suddenly Seahawks’ QB Russell Wilson threw a trick play pass which was intercepted and effectively ended the game with only 20 seconds left! In many people’s opinion (including mine), Seahawks’ beast-mode RB Marshawn Lynch should have run in the ball for the TD!!! All is all it was a fantastic finish, as Pats’ QB Tom Brady went from sweating profusely in disbelief (pic above) to jumping off the bench with tears of joy! It was the most watched Super Bowl in 30 years, and definitely deserves that title! Check out details on the Halftime show after the jump…


The Halftime show started with Katy Perry riding in on a huge egyptian gold lion playing the track “Roar” over tons of orange glowing balloons. Missy Elliott came in later, as the secret guest act. Check out the video right here below!

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