US Open: Roberta Vinci Upsets Serena Williams Attempt At Calendar Slam! [Photo]


The biggest story in Women’s Tennis and the US Open was building up to be Serena Williams going onto win the Calendar Slam (winning all four majors in the same calendar year), BUT in the semi-final today the story changed quickly! 43 ranked Roberta Vinci played her heart out, and ignored all the cheers and jeers from the crowd for the heavily favored Williams, and came back to win 2-6, 6-4, 6-4!!!

Drake sits courtside Serena tennis match US Open

It was absolutely a tale of David & Goliath with Vinci at a 300-to-1 odds to win, and Serena perhaps got caught up in the hype and distractions (Drake kept leering in the crowd)! She seemed to be a bit over-animated on her winners and at points even serving up unusual facial expressions! Even in the post-match interview, Serena seemed a little distraught when she said, “Vinci played the best tennis of her life. I mean she is 33 (years old)?” Serena (no offense), but you are 32 years old my lady.

Roberta Vinci upsets Serena Williams at US Open semifinal 9 11 2015

I think Serena let the hype get to her head, lost focus, and severely underestimated her opponent. Every time Serena over celebrated it fired Vinci up, and she showed it in her court play. Vinci didn’t let the nerves get the best of her, and changed up her timing (on serve) to be comfortable to not let Serena’s aggressiveness (crowding the return box) or the crowd’s over-animation for Serena cause a distraction. I love Serena to death, but for a little while now she has been a little cocky and over-animated with unusual sneer and jeer gestures. She needs to remember that you are playing somebody that fought tooth-and-nail to make it this far in the first place.

serena-williams-Us Open pic

I truly believe and hope that fans and Serena learn from this experience. It is important to support US players, but do it for glory of the nation and not for glory for yourself. First time fans should watch from their TV’s and not court-side, as that is an obvious distraction (do not be selfish) and now the tickets for the Finals are going to plummet #Hype ..nuff said 😉

*pics courtesy hollywoodlife*

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