Jeter Passes Honus Wagner On All-Time Hits List!

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v. New York Yankees

Unfortunately, *coincidence* (Derek) Jeter’s ceremonial hit occured at the same time as former Yankee Paul O’Neill plaque presentation, otherwise it would be obviously more tout. Jeter didn’t even hit it out of the infield (and made it on!) to notch up to 6th place on the All-Time Hits List (chart below) passing legendary (most valuable baseball card ever legendary) Pittsburgh Pirates’ HOF Honus Wagner! The Yankees ended up losing to the Cleveland Indians 3-0, but to be up at the top (of the Hits list) with names Tris Speaker and Stan Musial is an amazing special moment! Check out READ MORE on Honus Wagner card below.

Honus Wagner 1909 Topps Card

Honus Wagner (1897-1917) is so identifable that the first baseball card ever made had his name on it! The card, Topps 1909 T206 (pic above), can fetch up to $2.1 Million dollars even in not-so-good condition!

Honus Wagner Derek Jeter Topps Card lol

Photo courtesy CBSSports

Hits  All-Time Leaders

‘Top 11’

Pete Rose 4,256 1
Ty Cobb 4,189 2
Hank Aaron 3,771 3
Stan Musial 3,630 4
Tris Speaker 3,514 5
Derek Jeter
3,431 6
Honus Wagner 3,430 7
Carl Yastrzemski 3,419 8
Paul Molitor 3,319 9
Eddie Collins 3,315 10
Willie Mays 3,283 11

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