Lebron To Wear #23 Jersey Back In Cleveland!

Lebron Cleveland back 2014 23 jersey

#KingJames is ready to shed his shell, soak his oaks in Ohio (back in Cleveland), and return to his original #23 jersey! Lebron changed to the #6 jersey when he villianously vacated to Miami four years ago! His baron did garnish good results with two chips and four NBA Finals with steadfast Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade by his side! This is good news for Cleveland fans (who didn’t burn his jersey four years ago [sigh])!

What You Think??? (Comment below) Lebron did do the right thing by coming back to Cleveland right here and now (before he 40), but some debate has arisen???…

1.  Lebron signed a two-year deal (worth $44 Million), which means that he could go back  in Miami in one-year as a free-agent???

2.  The Cavs are stacked with former number one (and top) picks, so you could say his move was not so gracious… Top picks include:

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