SERBIA Gets Noticed In NBA Draft 2014!

Nemanja Dangubic Vasilije Micic

The Philadelphia 76ers picked up two players: Nemanja Dangubic (l.) and Vasilije Micic (r.) from Serbia late in the second round of the NBA Draft 2014 on Thurday night. Both players played for Mega Vizura in the Serbian League.

Serbia… To je moja krv, moja porodica, i moja braća! You could just imagine the elation I felt when four Serbian players (and one Croatian, one Bosnian) were picked in the first two rounds of the #NBADraft2014 at Radio City Music Hall in NYC last night! The Philadelphia 76er’s turned a corner and picked up three players, even giving up a #10 pick (Elfrid Payton) to fetch Dario Saric (Croatia) at #12 pick! I believe that the San Antonio Spurs winning the NBA Championship against the NBA 2K Miami Heat last season (humbling Lebron) really helped make true believers out of NBA scouts and owners alike. The Spurs had 10 foreign players out of their 21-man (Championship) roster, and it seems now the Sixers paid notice! In this trade in fact, the Champ Spurs actually swooped up Sixers #54 pick (Serbian) Nemanja Dangubic for their #58 and #60 pick in the NBA Draft. Check out more after the jump…   Dario Saric NBA Draft 2014

“I am not a liar. I told them I would be back,” Saric said. “I will play in Philadelphia.” – nj

The Philadelphia 76er’s first picked up Joel Embiid of Kansas, a seven-footer with soft hands at the #3 pick, and shortly thereafter traded their #10 pick (Elfrid Payton) to the Orlando Magic in exchange for Dario Saric (pic above) from Croatia, initially the #12 pick for the Magic! Saric just signed a three-year deal with the Anadolu Efes of the Turkish Basketball League, but did say that he will play on the Sixers in a couple years (quote above). Saric is good all-around and averaged 19.3 points, 9.3 rebounds and 3.8 assists per game for Cibona in the Adriatic League this past season. He also represents the Croatian national basketball team. The Sixers also picked up Nemanja Dangubic at #54 pick (second round) from Pancevo, Serbia, and Vasilije Micic at #52 pick (second round) from Krajlevo, Serbia! Later, the Spurs traded their #58 and #60 picks for Dangubic.   Jusuf Nurkic Bosnia NBA Draft Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets selected Jusuf Nurkic (pic above) from Bosnia-Herzegovina for their #16 pick and Nikola Jokic from Sombar, Serbia for their #43 pick in the NBA Draft last night! Nurkic currently plays for Cedevita of the Croatian League and is a member of the Croatian national team. The Nuggets received some skepticism for trading up their #11 pick for Nurkic and the #19 pick (guard Gary Harris). In terms of Jokic, he will give the Nuggets some size; he is not nimble or athletic but super-productive. Jokic showed promise in 2014 NIKE Hoop Summit and played last season for the Adriatic League Serbia Mega Vizura.   Bogdan Bogdanovic KK Partizan Suns 2014 NBA Draft

The Phoenix Suns picked up Bogdan Bogdanovic (pic above) from Belgrade, Serbia for their #27 pick in the NBA Draft last night! Bogdanovic is a solid shooting guard who played for Belgrade KK Partizan team and represents the Serbian national team.

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