Russian Goalie Gets ‘Eye Tazed’ At World Cup 2014?! [Video]

USA Advances Round of 16 Despite Loss #WorldCup2014

Behind the curtains while the Russians were defiantly battling Algeria this afternoon, another (crime) was taking place… ??? Someone (lacking dignity) was shining a light in the Russian goalkeeper’s (Igor Akinfeev) eyes or ‘eye tazed’ right when Algeria was taking a corner kick on goal?! Worse off, Algeria scored a goal on that very corner kick to tie the game at 1-1 and effectively knock Russia out of contention and keep themselves in (for the Round of 16 at the World Cup 2014 – Brazil)!

What the real question is is who the hell shined the lights in the goalies eyes? For the first clue, it must have been a pretty high quality light (laser pointer) to go that far so… it had to more likely be an adult and maybe even a person connected to the Algerian team??? Check out the video above and check back for the update…

Update… On the Luis Suarez (biting player) article #WorldCup2014. Suarez, star forward for Uruguay, will be suspended for the duration of the World Cup. Also, Suarez will be suspended for four months or nine matches continuing into next season.

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