:AboutTime! Kawhi Leonard Gets Sweet Redemption Tosses Warriors!


I just don’t understand how I am the only one who sees things this way! Thats Crazy! It about time!!! Kawhi Leonard gets sweet redemption against the Warriors, who took him out two years ago on a cheap play by Zaza Pachulia(Video below)!¬†The Golden State Warriors succumbed to the Toronto Raptors¬†114-110 last night; Raptors to win the #NBA FINALS series 4-2 and take the Championship!

It all started two years when the San Antonio Spurs were destroying the Golden State Warriors, 76-55, in game one of the Western Conference Finals, when Zaza Pachulia delivered the sore-loser ‘accidental’ slide under the shooter play, unintentionally injuring San Antonio Star Kawhi Leonard! The Spurs were strong, but needed him, especially opposing new addition Kevin Durant! I don’t understand how people can try to asterisks the Raptors when the Warriors won two Championships in a row, lost one to the Lebron strong Cavaliers, and then immediately were allowed to add KD to their roster. That is bs!!! GTFOH! The NBA commissioner has lost his authority due to all that PC (politically correct) bs that stems and flows through the crappy NBA PR’s! And why aren’t these intentional dirty plays (like below) given more focus? That is where people need to focus the PC nonsense, on the worthy focus!

Point Blank: Dirty Plays in the NBA Playoffs need to be cleaned up!!! That is a cheap way of winning a championship!!! Shame on you Golden State Warriors and Zaza Pachulia! Where he supposed to land if you step under him when he is shooting? and how is that one play not crucial to the rest of the series; to take out the best player on the team? That’s nonsense!

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