Huh? Knicks Name Derek Fisher ‘Head Coach’

Derek Fisher Knicks June 2014

As for the Knicks in an extraordinary move newly appointed (named) former LA Laker champ Derek Fisher “coach.” Derek Fisher heroicly helped the Lakers win the NBA Championship on five occasions blasting into the 21st century. He also led the NBPA (National Basketball Players Association) most noticeably through the 2011 NBA lockout.

On the other hand, Fisher could be claimed a dirty player delivering devastating blows on occasion (especially clutch times in the Playoffs)!  Don’t twist it Fisher is a good man, I just don’t see him fitting with the NY Knicks?! I think Mark Jackson would have been the perfect fit for coach (of the Knicks), and not saying, do appreciate Phil Jackson back in the BIG APPLE! I think the Knicks have a bright future with that said.

#Knicks Nucks ..nuff said

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