Spurs Take ‘The Chip’ From The Heat In Game 3 NBA Finals!

Kawhi Leonard Spurs Heat Game 3 NBA Playoffs 2014 Collage Photo

Finally I got something to write about or rejoice! You see… eh enuff about me. Look the Yankees hit the skids and finally starting recovery, the Mets are the Mets, the Knicks came short, and to their credit the (newly shrined) Brooklyn Nets did show up! Back to the game…

Wait… What happened? Oh yes. Rejoice! Oops “Oh my” the San Antonio Spurs took the Miami Heat 111-92 decisively tonight to take a decisive 2-1 NBA Finals series lead! 22-year old (rising star) Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard was an animal and finished with a career (regular-season and post-season) high 29 points and defended big Lebron with solid D; forcing Lebron into seven turnovers for the game. Do not forget Spurs’ Danny Green who was scrappy and scooped up five steals to go with 15 points for the game.

Even if the Spurs don’t actually take “the chip” they already won and proved themselves taking command of the series tonight! The Heat with Lebron’s flops team look silly when you are the losing end of things. I mean every team will be the underdog against the “half an All-Star team” Miami Heat. You see the San Antonio Spurs are a (well-coached) team, while the Miami Heat are a creation; no offense to Pat Riley who has obvious obviously interest in the Heat. Big S/O of course to Spurs’ coach Gregg Popovich!!! Congratulations Spurs!

On the interesting statline… the Spurs scored 71 points in the first half, which is the most in a half (on the road) in the Finals since the 1962 LA Lakers (73).

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