Peyton Manning Prepares To Announce Retirement!


Peyton Manning announced his intentions to retire, and will make it official at a press conference at 1pm today. There is no better way than to go out a champion (after dramatically winning Super Bowl 50), and he definitely deserves that! It will also clear up $19 million in cap room for the Broncos next season. He will probably go on to be an owner and a color commentator for the future! He was already a shoe-in for the Hall of Fame after 14 years with the Indianapolis Colts and spinal fusion surgery in 2011. He came back to orchestrate the best season of his career with the Denver Broncos in 2013: Team NFL record 606 points, single season record for pass yards (5477) and touchdowns (55). Manning will retire first all-time in pass touchdowns (539), pass yards (71,940), and tied with Brett Favre with quarterback wins (186). He was selected for the Pro-Bowl 14 times, first-team All-Pro seven times, MVP five times in his his illustrious 18-year career! Manning made the Playoffs 15 times and won the Super Bowl twice in four trips (XLI, 50)! Check out more after the break…


Peyton Manning was a stand up character, but did have his small share of scandals. Back in his Tennessee days, he supposedly put his genitals on the face of the athletic trainers face, and settled for a $300K bill. Manning denied it, stating that he ‘mooned’ his teammate, but his teammate (Malcolm Saxon) said that never happened, so obviously he did it. He was young (rich) and probably misunderstood the situation and made a mistake, but own up to it my man. Recently, some media hungry negative fed fans tried to rope him up with trumped up HGH allegations. The ‘accidental’ Budweiser endorsement during the recent Super Bowl 50 post-game interview was not admirable. I am concerned that he will make a commercial with Donald Trump very soon, which would be ridiculous and obviously not admirable. I am sure Trump is putting a target on his back already with his sideshow tricks; it is ridiculous a notion he is even a candidate for presidency in the first place. I will obviously lose a lot of respect for him if he treads that water.

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