#WelcomeToCuba: President Obama & Derek Jeter Watch Rays Beat Cuba; Rays Endure Travel Wows!

cuba derek jeter obama

#WelcomeToCuba President Barack Obama became the first US President to go to Cuba since Calvin Coolidge in 1928 and the Tampa Bay Rays became the first MLB team (to go there) since 1999. The walls have finally been broken following the tumultuous days of Fidel Castro, fifty years of Cold War sting. Cuba is looking to fix its trade embargo, and improve the broken relationship with the U.S.A. Back to baseball, Derek Jeter came out of recluse (not making a public appearance in one year), and met up with Obama at the Cuban national game, yesterday. Obama threw out the first pitch, and the Tampa Bay Rays (Tampa, Fa.) beat the Cuban national team, 4-1, behind Matt Moore’s superfluous pitching and James Loney two-run homerun. The Rays didn’t get much celebration; the showers at the Cuba stadium were not working after the game, and the plane was delayed six hours on the runway, making a 55-minute flight into a seven┬áhour flight home?!

cuba rays cuban national team game

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