Peyton Manning Returns To Broncos And Lifts Their Hopes And Playoff Position!

Perhaps the most uplifting story in the NFL came on Sunday afternoon when shoe-in HOF QB Peyton Manning returned to the Denver Broncos! He came into the game in the second half, and helped them preserve their #1 seed throughout the Playoffs instead of dropping to #5 (a wild-card spot) with a nail-biting 27-20 win over the San Diego Chargers! He fought through injury and age all season long, and brought grit and determination to this regular season finale! What made it all the more epic was playing in front of the hometown crowd at Sports Authority Field at Mile High #Denver! It turned out that the KC Chiefs amazing 10-game winning streak (and 23-17 win over the Oakland Raiders this afternoon) put them into a position to take the #2 seed (if the Broncos lost) or hold down the #5 seed (if the Broncos won) in the AFC Playoff picture! Behind the NY Jets and NY Giants I am a fan of the Broncos and Peyton Manning! He is one of (if not) the best quarterbacks of all-time! Read more after the break…

It was an absolutely #Inspiring victory with the NY Jets surrendering their Playoff hopes to the Pittsburgh Steelers with a disappointing 22-19 loss to the Buffalo Bills earlier this afternoon! The Jets were on a five-game winning streak coming into today’s game, and had an absolutely talented, prolific squad. The NY Giants were down and out since NFC rival Washington Redskins hit their stroke behind Kirk Cousins, who replaced Robert Griffin III (RG3) at quarterback!

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