Shame On You: Serena makes US Open into Personal Drama Feud?!


During the US Open Final on Sunday (Sept 9), Serena Williams made the match a personal grudge agenda with the seat/line judge. Simply said…if she knew the judge was strict and rigid, then don’t mess with him. Save it for the press conference. It was absolutely inappropriate to make a mockery of the sport and its tradition in the final match, and completely disrespectful and unfair to the winner Naomi Osaka. The judge is not my favorite person, he cited Novak Djokovic on a couple occasions, including the recent Wimbledon Final (video below). There is so much “politically correctness” garbage going on right now, it makes difficult for referees and judges to do there jobs properly. Everybody needs to knock it off with the pc nonsense, and let people do there jobs! Its taking away from all the sports, and making fans into idiots; swept away in negative improper subjective emotions.

Serena is attempting to change the game, but don’t do it as a “get out of jail free” card. She was playing off of the public’s inability to pay attention to (care about) the objectivity of the situation. Her rant was more reminiscent of a Tom Brady/Robert Kraft distraction agenda. Why was her coach blatantly off-coaching her?, and obviously the seat/line judge wasn’t implying anything (subjective) about Serena (and whether or not she was lieing). Serena knows that the judge’s job is to be objective, so why would he be concerned with whether she was lieing or not. that is not his job. The coach was blatantly attempting to coach Serena, and that was what he was addressing. Serena knows his job, and had no case to approach him in the first place. If she never approached him with that “subjective” nonsense, then she would not have gotten a game taken away. It is absolutely ridiculous how everybody sides with Serena in some sort of movement, but she was fighting for an empty cause. Her cause was…i am losing…let me and my coach make it into a personal agenda with the judge. I don’t know what you saw, but when she approached him with that subjective nonsense i thought she was losing her marbles. Shame on you! Serena. Everybody who knows tennis and its tradition knows you are mad about losing the prize money ($3.6 Million).


Serena surrendered the US Open Final two years ago, when she had Drake all up in the building, and let her ego get the best of her then too. Hello Ego…

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