#SuperBowl50: Peyton Manning Fulfills His Legacy With Second Championship; Broncos Stuff Cam & The Panthers!

peyton manning von miller super bowl 50 vince lombardi trophy

#SuperBowl50 #SanFrancisco Peyton Manning, Von Miller and the Denver Broncos stuffed Cam Cam (Newton) and the Carolina Panthers, 24-10 in perhaps one of the most electric Super Bowls of all-time last night! I think when the media spotted Cam at the airport with the ridiculous zebra pants that may have made him a target and helped the Broncos realize that he is only human; the Broncos sacked Cam in front of their end-zone and ran it in to go ahead 10-0 early in the game! Ironically, Broncos’ outside linebacker Von Miller who made the devastating sack and forced fumble (and later named Super Bowl MVP) was recruited #2 right behind Cam in the same 2011 draft! Cam-a-lam and the Panthers didn’t even get an opportunity to do their new dance move, the ‘dab’ lol, as the Broncos led the entire game! This goes to show that these athletes don’t need this over-the-top antics to be the best, just shut your mouth and prove it on the field, not in the pre-game team pic or en route to the airport especially against the No. 1 defense in the NFL. #StopIt


Broncos’ quarterback Peyton Manning rightfully was able to fulfill his legacy and get his 200th career win, second championship, and help the Broncos to their first championship since John Elway got them back-to-back chips back in 1997 and 1998. Manning, 39, will retire a champion, and ride the white horse off into the sunset. You couldn’t write a better script. I love Cam-a-lam, he is talented, but he needs to cut out the nonsense.

eli manning super bowl 50 sad face

Additionally, what the hell is wrong with Peytons’ brother and NY Giants’ quarterback Eli Manning; he looked like he lost his dog after Peyton won the championship? Chin up and smile mate, stop being selfish, he is your brother, so be genuinely happy for him. Check out his pic right after the Broncos took a 14-point lead with less than three minutes to go! The Giants are my squad, but Eli might need something for constipation.

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