Yankees Finish Off Subway Series With A Bang!

It seemed as if Summer was switching to Fall right when the NY Yankees took over the three-game Subway Series (against the NY Mets) at Citi-Field over the weekend! The fans put on their coats, as the Yankees put on a show tonight! Read more after the jump…

Cold Mets fan

The Yankees struggled in game one on Friday and lost 1-5, and turnt it around and won decisively 5-0 on Saturday afternoon, and then Sunday started out looking in favor of the Mets who held a 1-0 lead through the first five innings with Matt Harvey throwing hail on the mound! Well the weather and the game changed quickly, as a breeze put blankets on the fans, and the Yankees started hitting bombs into the bleachers! In the sixth inning the Yankees went from losing 0-1 to taking a 5-1 lead! They scored another run in the seventh inning to take a 6-1 lead, and then added five more runs in the top of the eighth to take a 11-1 lead! The Yankees finished it off with a 11-2 score, and look good as they travel into the AL East first place Toronto Blue Jays tomorrow! The Yankees seem to be hitting on all cylinders, as Jacoby Ellsbury had a great game; the only player who is not seeing the ball (on deck) is Brett Gardner!

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