Donald Trump Resigns?!


Donald Trump announced he will be resigning shortly (for medical problems) on request of the Senate Review Committee (Board). Don’t be scared to speak your mind and be yourself, a term used too loosely, and creating rifts across the country (across the world). Trump fed into this social media ignorance, invested five million into negative PR (promotions), and actually attempted to avoid impeachment for his obvious collusion with former US National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, together creating bogus propaganda around the world with the Russian wikileaks, against Hillary Clinton in the previous election for President. Former FBI director James Comey is currently making the case…


Why do people in America choose to torture themselves simply on a take-sides tactic (Republican vs. Democratic)? Just because Trump is rich does not equate to success, especially for the low to middle class. Basically, the way things are “really” working is the medical coverage (companies) will not be backed by the wealthy class #extra tax donations; which means everyone will have to pay for medical coverage. Tax donations areĀ a tax prorated based around the profits for each individual year for the wealthy to balance the economy. I wasn’t a big Hillary Clinton fan either, but she is definitely in better medical conditionĀ (mental health) than Trump #funnybutnotfunny. In an ordinary world (the way it is suppose to be) John Kasich should be the president of United States, but we will now have to settle for Vice President Mike Pence to take the reigns on April 26. Finally, the American government is “doing the right thing.” I got $500 on the Doverman Pincher lol (#funnybutnotfunny)…

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